Charly Bennica - Scotland Dirk


This is a Scotland model from Charly Bennica.  This fantastic work of art features a Dirk* style blade of Mosaic Damascus by Ettore Gianferri of South Africa.  The handles are 416 stainless with a high polish finish and two Black Obsidian inlays on either side as well as one at the rear of the handle, inlaid within the lock.  The lock is the Bennica Lock System located at the end of the handle so as not to interrupt the line of the knife.  This piece was received direct from the maker and has been in my personal collection for many years, a safe queen in mint condition.


*The dirk is a thrusting dagger, historically, it was the personal sidearm of Highlanders. It was also used by the officers, pipers, and drummers of Scottish Highland regiments around 1800, hence the model name Scotland.


Blade length:  3"

Closed:  4  1/2"

Overall:  7  1/2"


Case/sheath: Customsnake skin sheath made by Charly and also accompanied by the Makers Certificate

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