C Gray Taylor - Shooters Knife


This one-of-a-kind Art Knife, from C. Gray Taylor, is a Shooter's Knife*.  The Shooters Knife has a shell extractor, a sheepfoot blade, a champagne opening blade and  a corkscrew all of CPM154 steel with mirror polished finishes.  The knife features natural handle material with 22k gold inlays engraved by Lisa Tomlin, one side shows an over/under shotgun with spent shells and the reverse shows a bottle of wine (Silver Oak, one of my favorites), wine glass and grapes thus representing the functions of the knfe.  The liners, file worked end caps and pins are14k gold, CPM154 blades, Lisa Tomlin engraving.


If you already know who C. Gray Taylor is you understand the significance, rareity and value of this knife, if not, I encourage you to do some research on him. Here is a link to his website C. Gray Taylor Knives.


Blade length(s): Sheepsfoot 2 3/8", shell extractor 2", champagne opener 1 1/8", corkscrew 2 3/8"

Closed:  4  7/16"

Case/sheath:  handmade custom presentation case as pictured


*Back in the day, before ejectors, spent shotgun cartridges had to be withdrawn from the chamber either by hand or with a tool, this is how the shooter's knife came about, it included a pincer type extractor tool that could be used to secure the rim of the spent cartridge and then you could pull the cartridge to remove it.  An original IXL Shooter's Knife by George Wostenholm Sheffield England (circa late 1800's), is included with the purchase of the C Gray Taylor knife.  The IXL was the inspiration for the knife made by Gray, we believe is the handles are Sterling Silver and it features a fold out shell extractor, sheepfoot blade, a champagne opening blade, a corkscrew and the original pouch.

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