Bruce Bump Custom dagger engraved by Ray Cover

Bruce Bump - Pharaoh's Dagger _Ray Cover Jr - Engraver


The Pharaoh's Dagger is by ABS (American Baladesmith Society) Master Smith Bruce Bump, the engraving, using 24kt Gold and Platinum inlays, was done by Master Engraver Ray Cover Jr.  The forged San Mai Blade was a very difficult/advanced construction, see the note below from Bruce explaining it's creation, the coloring is a Rust Brown done by Doug Turnbull as are the Nitre Blue finishes, the guard and pommel are 4140 Moly and 416 Stainless.  The handle has a lathe turned core of the best ever cream colored mammoth with twisted 24kt Gold wire.  This is your opportunity to acquire an Art Knife of the highest order by artists at the top of their respective fields.


Blade length:  13"

Handle:  5  3/4"

Overall:  18  3/4"


Note from Bruce Bump: This knife is one of the more difficult to make. The blade is a San-mai with 1084 dog bone shapes that were nickel plated surrounded in 4600 fine powder metal forged in a canister. The forged bar was then tiled, forge welded, cut down the middle and surface ground into 2 equal 1/8”thickness. The center piece of san-mai is 180 layer ladder patterned 1084 and 15n20 surface ground to 1/8“. All sandwiched together and forge welded. It is Nitre blued to a goldish color Which can’t be photographed to show well.


case/sheath:  The sheath is Fiber Glass covered with deerskin, the  throat and tip are 416 also engraved by Ray

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