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Brian Chovanec - Paua Hunter


Another unique and beautiful work of art from Brian Chovanec. This piece is the "Paua Hunter", the name is inspired by the Paua shells which are inlaid into the knife handle, the sheath and the display/storage box for the Paua Hunter. Features of this masterpiece are a mirror finished blade of Aldo's 1084 steel with engraving, a Chamois Horn handle with natural "Paua" Abalone inlays (the actual shell, not the synthetic stuff), a Bronze ferrel and but cap both engraved, the butt cap has a Paua inlay, stainless steel spacers, spacers of Red Amboyna withBronze and stainless pins, in the handle and butt of the knife,. Another amazing beauty from this talented bladesmith.


Brian is an Australian expat living in Slovakia. This knife, as are all his works, are 100% handmade (handheld tools only), an original one of a kind with no repeats.


Blade length: 4 3/8 "

Handle (including guard): 4"

Overall: 8 3/8 "


Case/sheath: wooden case, shape moulded and felt lined along with a certificate of authenticity AND the sheath is hand laced, hand carved leather with a Paua Abalone inlay and fine deerskin lining.

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