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Bill Ruple - 5 Blade Sowbelly - sold

Bill Ruple - 5 Blade Sowbelly - sold


This masterpiece is a five blade Sowbelly from the very talented Bill Ruple.  This knife features five hand rubbed satin finished blades of CPM154 steel, 416 stainless integral liners and bolsters.  The scales are amber stag and there is a waterfall shield.  This knife is new direct from Bill.  This piece would be the centerpiece of many a collection, how about yours?


Blade length: 2 5/8" (main), 2" (all other blades)

Closed:  3 3/4"


Case/sheath:  Ruple Custom Embroidered Logo zippered pouch 

  • Pricing

    All listed prices are net to Knifeology.

  • Opening a Multi-Blade folder

    It may sound simple but there is a proper technique to open a multi-blade slip joint folder to avoid blade rub. Many slip joint knives are constructed without liners separating the blades, this allows for a slimmer profile and lighter weight knife. However, if the knife is opened with lateral pressure (in combination with the vertical pressure required to lift the blade) on the nail nick this can push the blade into an adjoining blade which will result in blade rub when the blade is lifted. The simple way to avoid this is to first open the primary blade (almost always the center blade, the one that stands proud [rises above] the others and usually but not always the longest blade) in the knife. Once this blade is opened it is then easy to open any secondary blades. If the secondary blade is to be used, simply close the primary blade while leaving the secondary blade open for use. If multiple blades are being left open for display or photography or such, simply reverse order for closing the knife up, secondary blades first then the primary blade(s).

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