Antonio Fogarizzu - Cube - sold

This is the "Cube" model by Antonio Fogarizzu.  This art knife features a blade of RWL34 steel with a hand rubbed satin finish, it functions with a California opener (you push the cube, located at the bolster, forward and the blade pops open far enough to grasp it and pull it to the fully opened position).  The same cube functions as a locking mechanism, push it forward to unlock the blade so that it may be closed. The handles are 416 stainless also with a very fine hand rubbed satin finish, the inlays are Carbon Fiber with 24kt Rose Gold pins and wire inlays.  I received this piece new from the maker and it has resided in my collection as a safe queen till now.  Great opportunity to acquire this beautiful piece of art from a renowned Italian Knifemaker whose fit and finish is second to none.


Antonio is a former President of the Italian Knife Guild. He is one of the outstanding artists featured in David Darom's book on the very finest folding knives. Antonio is part of the famous Italian Fogarizzu knifemaking dynasty.


Blade length:  3  1/2"

Closed:  4  1/2"

Overall:  8"


Case/sheath: a very supple lined leather case

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